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Pirate!Spain x Reader
~ Mi Corazón Pertenece al Mar~

Sorry for it being so short! ;n;

Warning: Language and possible feels of anger and asdfghjkl;

         You were absorbing the last words he spoke. Was he trying to threaten you? Or maybe he was playing the tough guy and was discretely trying to save you from inevitable harm? You mentally shook your head. How could a pirate be good? If he is a pirate, that means that he is bad.. right? During your mental debate, the tanned man in front of you had pulled up a chair and sat in it. He crossed his leg over the other and did the same with his arms over his well-formed chest, leaning back against the seat. His emerald gaze fixated on you, watching you like a hawk. He studied you for the last few minutes or so of your debate before you snapped back into reality.

         You blinked a few times before asking a ridiculously obvious question; ".. When'd you sit down?" Your brows furrowed in confusion as his lips curved into a sly, playful smirk. "Daydreaming, chica? That's not good for you when you are in this situation." You wanted to reply a quick, stinging remark about how he was the one who put you in said situation; however, you decided to keep that thought in your head. That wouldn't be worth a possible beating, so you just nodded and focused your (e/c) gaze upon the nearest window.

         "Hey.. captain," you started, quickly glancing at him and back to see if he accepted your title for him before turning your head to face him again. "What is my situation exactly? I.. I understand you want me for something bigger, but could you of just threatened him, 'him' being my father obviously, personally?" This was something that you really wanted to know. Why would someone of such power go through this much just for a small fortune? Why didn't this pirate choose a bigger prize? The English navy would be perfect for such a job! But, why your father?

         A warm chuckle filled the room with a dark undertone. You snap your attention quickly to the Spaniard as he stood and walked over to his desk, placing one of his gloved hands along the roughed-up edge. "Chica.. you are here because we want more than just your father's money." He glanced over at you; his eyes gleamed with a light that sent chills up your spine and neck. "I want to make a statement. What better way than to take such a known man's fortune by holding his precious daughter hostage, no?" He smirked and you looked back towards the window, clenching your fists and let out a very audible huff. He laughed and walked back over to you, leaning down to have his face hovering right in front of yours.

         "But, I am not such a cruel man, chica. I am willing to make a deal with you."

         This caught your undivided attention. You quickly retorted a venomous "go on" before crossing your hands over your chest and plastering a scowl upon your face. Trying to mask your fear and confusion with anger and disgust seemed to be working, for now at least.

         "Fine, fine.." he backed away from you, choosing to lean up against the door frame with his arms crossed as well. "Chica," he started,".. I know you are a strong girl. I hear from Lovi that you have quite the hand on you. Says you are a fighter. I like that in a woman, it shows determination and will power. You do not see that in normal house whores." He gave you a solemn look; your own look seemed to diminish in aggression. "Chica.. I want you to consider possibly joining my crew.. permanently."

         This made your jaw drop in surprise. Why on earth would he possibly ask a woman to join him and his crew on a pirate ship?! You couldn't help but think to yourself, This is insane! What is his deal!? You shut your mouth immediately and gulped before thinking about your answer. Sure.. he is a very attractive man, and his crew is very spirited.. also, that Italian seems to be a good man, somewhat unstable emotionally, but a good man most likely. You do love the ocean and the freedom, but you started to think about your father. How would he react with you gone? Forever? No one to hold the family business after he passes. Suddenly anger, confusion and hate started to bubble within you.

         You stood from your chair suddenly, knocking it over and stormed over to the man, getting up in his personal bubble and grabs a fistful of his shirt, pulling him closer to you. "What do I gain from this..!? What about my life!? I have a life on the homeland..! Why do you want me!?"

         This made Antonio very angry. He grabbed your throat and pinned you to the wall, immediately both of your hands raced to liberate your throat from his tight grasp. A dark flame seems to dance in his eyes as he stared into your soul with a piercing glaze so icey that you were sure that time itself was freezing over. You were convinced. He was going to kill you. Suddenly the last few days had seemed to replay in your mind. But one seemed to repeat itself over and over again. It was the moment where your father announced you were to be wed to that disgusting cunt hunter, Lucio. How could your father be so cruel to his only daughter? How could he betray you so? What have you done to deserve such a horrible future; all for what? So your father can have his company run by a male rather than his own daughter? This was not a fair trade. But, it finally hit you now, near your interpretation of death.

         All of these issues could have been gone.. if you had just agreed.

         You let out a rather loud whimper of surrender as he tightened his grip. You could hear nothing but the lone sound of a high pitched note ringing in your ear like a flatline. Your vision started spotting, becoming darker and darker as each pain-staking second passed.

         Then a miracle happened. Out of the spotted corner of your eye, you saw the door open and a very disturbed Lovino run in. You saw his mouth move, but you couldn't make out the words. Soon enough, your vision blacked out altogether and you could feel yourself slip into the silky veil that is unconsciousness.
Here's part 4(finally)~!

Sorry for it being short. I've seriously been drowned with work and school. It's crazy!

But, I did have to change this one like, three times... so I hope it's good. ;~;

I'll be putting part 5 up the next few days~

Part 1: [link]
Part 2 : [link]
Part 3 : [link]
Part 4 : (HERE)
Part 5 : [link]
Part 6 : [link]

Preview picture by: :iconm-miron:

Story by me~

I don't own you~

Hetalia: Spain and Lovino (c) Himaruya
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, I Love this~

Toni refuses t be told off by a woman.
RAE8892 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Toni! Why you trying to kill me love! Why!

Lol, I love this story! It's so cute! ((in a very, I'm gonna kill you, big bad pirate way! lol))
DreamsSurroundsUs Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I loved this :D
(excpet that I was nearly killed by a maniac XD)
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